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Jessica Ramirez | Marketing & Community

Jessica Ramirez started her career as a brand and portfolio manager for the Texas-Louisiana-Oklahoma region before starting Behind The Brands.


She brings 15+ years of sales, marketing & event experience across a wide variety of outlets. She has experience in large-scale event production and numerous trade events that cement relationships years after. Her social media engagement and fun, educational approach yields impressive growth and impactful results. With an intuitive ability to read and adapt to existing conditions, she has increased sales of 100%+ year-over-year for many brands across diverse markets. She is passionate about hospitality and the holistic approach she brings inevitably brings memorable experiences for consumers and trade. 

Her personal activism on the behalf of under-served & marginalized communities has seen her photo & impact land in numerous publications.

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Managing Partner

Jared Lindsay | Project Management 

Jared Lindsay wields a very process-oriented personality with a deep 20+ year background in hospitality, infrastructure, project management, and customer engagement.


Very strong communication helps him to set expectations and keep projects on schedule. He has a furious curiosity to develop efficiencies & a desire to create lasting impressions for clients impacts. Two years as an FF&E Project Manager honed his skills in quoting, budgeting, procurement, and logistics, working with major hotel group clients such as Hilton, IHG, and Marriott. He brings a balanced management skillset that is focused on 1) Standard Operating Procedures built from the bottom up to maximize efficiency, 2) managing and empowering employees in the decision-making process, and 3) working with local groups to share education and purposeful action for the community.


He's a motorcycle & scooter enthusiast, embarks to the coast for a surf whenever possible and is a voracious reader. 

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